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Meet Dr. James Zuccaro, DC, DABNM, CNIM

Natural Health Specialist

Dr. James Zuccaro received his education in New York and have over 20 years experience.  He is Board certified in Neurophysioloy and for the past ten years have held staff positions at prestigious hospitals, such as Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Hospital University of Pennsylvania, NYU Hospital, Beth Israel NY, Nemours Hospital, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  After working at these institutions, he went on to direct the Neurophysiology program at Shriners Hospital of Philadelphia.  While there, he was placed on the corporate committee to develop the national policy and procedure guidelines for all 22 Shriners hospitals across the country.   He has given numerous presentations at international conferences, instructed colleagues, and presented numerous grand rounds to aspiring surgeons.   Dr James Zuccaro was also nominated by his peers and elected to serve as a board member for the American Board of Neurophysiological Monitoring (ASNM).   While serving on the board, he helped to bring about national practice guidelines, and has been developing pediatric specific guidelines.  He has also been very active in research presenting numerous abstracts, guidelines, and book publications.  He was one of the few selected for a podium presentation at the Scoliosis Research Society annual meeting, won the best research award at the ASNM annual meeting, and just recently published an article in the Journal of Neurosurgery. 

After spending six years at Shriners, Dr. Zuccaro were recruited by Orlando Health.  He left this position to own and operate  his own clinic, First Health Wellness.  Together they brought new changes to the clinic to include non-surgical spinal decompression, class IV cold laser therapy, and the treatment of scoliosis.  The clinic uses state of the art technology in addition to utilizing all the knowledge and experience that they have gained.   They treated some of the most difficult cases who have failed other treatments and have achieved an 85% success rate of treatment. Additionally, they have worked with or have referral relationships with numerous orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons across the country.   Lastly, they focus on patient-centered care and research-based treatments to get patients out of pain so they can enjoy their life again. 


Why Chiropractic/Vitamins

It can help with


Over 70 percent of your immune system is in your digestive tract, making healthy digestion key in overall wellness.

Foundational Health

Nutrition is one of the key building blocks towards a healthy lifestyle, yet in your busy life, it is oſten the first thing overlooked. A supplement regimen can help ensure your nutritional needs are met.


Toxins are everywhere.  Ask us how a detoxification or purification program can help you reboot your health and kickstart healthy habits.

Women's Health

With all the challenges of modern day living, stress and nutritional deficiencies affect your hormones.  Maintaining a healthy endocrine system can be achieved by a well balanced diet and nutritional support.

Weight Loss

The modern diet is filled with lack of nutrients and harmful chemicals all leading to weight gain.  Dietary detox and supplementation can aid in weight loss.


Though it may be impossible

to avoid all stressful situations, it may be possible to handle them better. Creating healthy habits, along with supporting your diet with supplements, may help to improve your outlook.



“Back in December of last year, I started to experience extreme arm pain, to the point where I could hardly use my arm. I had to stop exercising and other activities I enjoyed. This pain wouldn't go away. I was having monthly massages which only slightly helped the pain. After 7 months of pain, I finally went to a Doctor which ended up doing nothing to help. That is when fate brought me here. I had a nutritional consult and started making changes. Three months later I am 100% pain-free! Dr. Zuccaro relieved me of horrible pain I suffered with for a year. I will be back every time I have any sort of pain. They are wonderful!”

                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Lynne G.